SILVADOR is our first  climate action project. Read more about how we do carbon offeset on 1,542 hectares

We are climate tech entrepreneurs passionate about forests who transform climate action into long-term business opportunities for
companies by creating high-quality and unique carbon offset projects with our partners, in Europe to provide a more sustainable future for our planet.

we can

We can close the emission gap. That requires more ambitious commitments by
governments, but also significant action by non-state actors, including the business
sector, including you!

Corporate Offsetting CARBONOFF offers CO2 carbon emission compensation solutions for corporations that want to achieve their ESG goals.

Only as a global community and
with the right tools, we can
achieve a world safe from
climate change.


We have included in the Silvador Climate Action Project 2.100ha of forest land owned by us and have succesfully finalised the VERRA improved forest management certification. Our project is also FS certified and SDVISta certified, which allows us to provide corporations that want to offset their emission with high-quality carbon credits with real impact.

CARBONOFF is changing the way we think about forest land in Romania. We can deliver real solutions for a sustainable future. We use state-of-the-art technology, and we can measure our project impact

I own
a forest

In this case, you have the power to participate in something big and to increase your business.

You can enroll your forest in a certification program in order to be able to obtain and sell carbon credits. This is not easy, but with the proper partnership, you will make it. We, CARBONOFF, can help you reach your best business potential for your forest. We have a dedicated program for this – CARBONOFF MY FOREST. Read more about it and enroll.

A huge project to reshape the forest business, with a focus on achieving a
world protected from climate change, is being developed in Eastern Europe.

We, CARBONOFF, are developing the biggest projects of carbon credits in Eastern Europe. We have already obtained the VERRA accreditation for the biggest forest project in Romania, 000 hectares, 00000 estimated annual emission reductions. We do believe in a green future, and we act to create value for the regional business ecosystem (including the local communities).

with us

Yes, we know there is an immense amount of information, thousands of regulations, laws, organizations, and institutions. That is why we started a learning program to offer local and regional entities the tools to understand the changes to create new business opportunities.

We created a dedicated page with resources and FAQs, and we plan to do even more. That is a starting point, a knowledge base that can help you better understand the field.