With CARBONOFF, you benefit from expertise in reducing CO2 emissions by protecting the forest, conserving biodiversity, and promoting the healthy growth of forests, all while generating income through the issuance and sale of CO2 certificates on the voluntary carbon market. By participating, you contribute to a value chain that enables you to preserve and develop your property, ensuring a valuable and sustainable legacy for future generations.

Enroll your forest in CARBONOFF

CARBONOFF - enrollment in 4 steps

To enroll in the CARBONOFF forest carbon concept, private forest owners in Romania need to follow these four steps:

1. Expression of interest
initial assessment

The first step for private forest owners is to express their interest in participating in the CARBONOFF initiative.

2. Development plan and sustainable management of the forest
Development plan and sustainable management of the forest

Once the initial assessment is completed, the next step is to develop a baseline that reflects the current carbon stocks and sequestration rates in the forest.

3. Implementation

With an active SFM (Sustainable Forest Management) plan in place, forest owners will need to implement the recommended practices on their lands.

4. Verification
and issuance of CO2 certificates

Once the sustainable forest management practices have been implemented, and monitoring data indicate a positive impact on carbon capture, the final step is to request third-party verification.

Free enrollment

The CARBONOFF initiative recognizes the importance of making the enrollment process accessible to private forest owners in Romania, regardless of their financial capacity. Therefore, enrollment in the CARBONOFF forest carbon concept is free of charge.

This decision ensures that forest owners can participate without incurring initial costs that might otherwise discourage them from joining the movement. By offering cost-free enrollment, CARBONOFF aims to encourage widespread adoption of sustainable forest management practices, ultimately leading to a greater positive impact on climate action, biodiversity conservation, and the promotion of sustainable income streams for forest owners across the country.

Financing or natural capital

We are here to support projects that make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions. Our team provides financial solutions for innovative and sustainable initiatives, contributing to building a greener and more sustainable future.

Let’s discuss how we can support you with the necessary resources. Let’s collaborate for a positive impact on our planet.


Any small, medium, and large private forest owners can join CARBONOFF.

No, forestland from every region of Romania can be included in CARBONOFF.

Yes, all types of forest stands can be integrated with CARBONOFF.

After completing all the 4 steps described in the program enrollment process.

The CARBONOFF team will ensure the necessary marketing in order to effectively sell the carbon credits to corporations that want to have a positive impact on climate change.

The CARBONOFF team has the proper expertise and capital to update the cadastral limits and the forest management plan at a competitive price.

Yes, it will be necessary to work with the CARBONOFF group of forest management companies that have the proper certifications in order to implement the verified carbon standard methodology for the forest owner.

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